Bending and forming of sheet metal

CNC Press Brakes

  • Benders with 7 numerically controlled axes
  • Precision bending of sheets up to 8mm thick
  • The maximum length of the machined sheets is 3m
  • Presses delivered by leading machine manufacturers: AMADA, SAFAN
  • Sheet metal profiling and folding, single and multi-stage

Eccentric and hydraulic presses

  • Our proprietary know-how in the field of design and manufacture of dies and moulds.
  • Our own tool department allowing us to implement new instruments in a short time.
  • Our wide range of presses allows us to deliver the optimal technology for your production needs
  • A range of sheet metal forming processes on presses with up to max. 100T of pressure
  • The maximum format of machined sheets is 800x500mm
  • The maximum thickness of the machined sheets is #10mm

Servo presses

  • Precise sheet metal bending using AC servos for precise control of machine operating cycles.
  • Large-scale work with use of the FANUC industrial robot
  • Multi-cycle control for a single stroke of the press beam.