Tooling department

  • CNC machines to produce tools and appliances.
  • Design and fabrication of stamping, bending, forming, swaging, and punching tools.
  • Supervision of maintenance and ongoing repairs/regenerations of the machinery fleet.
  • 3D printer for prototyping workpieces.

Quality department

  • Ongoing supervision of the production process
  • Calibration of measurement tools
  • Elaboration of measurement reports
  • Creating the methodology for the process of measuring the correctness of details, parts, and assemblies.
  • Cyclical reporting of quality inspections carried out.
  • Measurement and control tools required for production

In addition, we have:

• 1500 x 3000mm H-90mm UV Printer

• L-1600 mm solvent printer

• L-1600 mm laminator

• L-600 mm cutting plotter

• Plastic bender

• Semi-automatic machine for the thermal cutting of styrodur