Furniture industry

The components and elements offered for the manufacture of upholstery and other types of furniture represent a diversified product range. All components are manufactured using numerically controlled machining centres belonging to our technical equipment. The state-of-the-art CNC machines allow for a computerised, automated and precise serial manufacturing of furniture accessories featuring standard or complex shapes.

Furniture components – the manufacture of elements featuring a high technical precision

The parameters and properties of computer numerical control (CNC) machines enable us to measurably shorten the time of processing steps and to ensure the required technical precision. For the manufacture of furniture components, high-quality materials are used. We execute many untypical orders. For our customers, we make, among other things, cold-formed sheet metal shelves, brackets made of stainless or aluminised steel, wire frames for upholstered armchairs and chairs, as well as specific, profiled furniture parts.