Furniture bases

The frames for the furniture industry are made of black steel and stainless steel. The frames are made of both 3D laser-cut profiles and pipes, as well as fibre laser-cut sheets with bends made on CNC press brakes. Metal frames are welded in professional locating tools that ensure the repeatability of the structure. Tools and instruments are developed at our own design and tooling department. This enables us to reduce the implementation time and optimize the costs of making the necessary dies for welding. Using state-of-the-art CNC production technologies, we achieve the highest production capabilities while maintaining high production efficiency of the metal bases created. Using CNC bending machines for wires up to 12mm in diameter and CNC flat bar bending machines (fed directly from a wound coil of a steel flat bar), we achieve the highest production efficiency allowing the production of components and assemblies at very competitive prices. The quality department constantly monitors the course of production of the predictive batches to meet the quality requirements of ELDRUT customers.