Manufacture of bent stainless-steel parts

We produce bent stainless-steel elements in a wide range of material hardness and inox steel grades. Bent parts are produced on multi-slide machines, where the bending is carried out using several bending arms in a single production cycle. Multi-axis benders have up to 16 numerical axes that can operate in the interpolation function of multiple arm movements at the same time. Manufacture with use of the Multislide bending machines, where the bending force comes from AC servo-motor drives, allows for precise operation of each of the bending sliders, which can be adjusted with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. By working on CNC machines, we significantly speed up the process of changing over to subsequent production batches. We make our products on the machines of leading manufacturers of such as WAFIOS and NUMALLIANCE or on our own designs of sequentially bending arms.