Metal furniture frames

We manufacture metal frames for furniture. The frames are made on CNC machines such as fibre laser for 3D cutting, 2D fibre lasers, CNC bending machines for bending and forming wire and profiles, and on tools dedicated for bending and forming wire, pipes, profiles, and sheets. The prepared rack components are laid in dies for welding or resistance welding to achieve the desired shape of the finished rack assembly. Welding is carried out with the use of Mig/Mag, Tig technology to achieve an aesthetic and durable combination of metal elements. We further surface treat the entire assembly, where it is first powder coated, or zinc or chromium plated. Quality supervision is additionally carried out by the quality department, constantly monitoring the product development process. We use carbon, low-carbon, stainless steel, and aluminium in manufacturing processes. Inox steel is additionally subjected to the etching process to neutralize the unfavourable discolouration resulting from the welding process. Complete furniture frames are supplemented with fitting accessories.