Cold-formed sheet metal shelves

We manufacture a wide range of elements from bent, pressed, and cold formed sheets to achieve the necessary geometry and dimensions. The details, depending on the volume and technology, are laser cut or punched on dedicated dies. The prepared forms are bent/formed on CNC press brakes or on presses with tooling dedicated to atypical bends. Depending on requirements, the bent elements can be supplemented with pressed, welded, riveted elements or with threads in Flow-Drill technology. The metal parts are put together into assemblies to produce complete products. Depending on the customer’s instructions, we coat shelves, details, and parts with powder coat from the RAL palette or galvanize them electrolytically or in hot-dip process. The materials we use are carbon steel, aluminium, INOX, and spring steel. All products undergo quality control by our controlling department to verify the correctness of the metal elements being manufactured.