Metal brackets

We manufacture metal brackets from black carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. The brackets are made of pressed and bent sheets, bent and formed bars, 3D cut profiles, and welded assemblies. Profiles and sheets are laser-cut for optimum shape and durability. The brackets are manufactured on CNC machines on standard bending tools as well as on tools dedicated to unusual processing and forming of steel. All tools and instruments are designed at our own construction department, where an experienced design team creates models of tools and instruments adapted to the assumed production efficiency, while maintaining the necessary dimensional tolerances. Our own tooling department executes complete production tools and ensures the availability of spare parts for tools so that production processes can proceed seamlessly. The quality department constantly monitors the compliance of production processes with the implemented ISO 9001 quality standard. The manufactured metal handles are powder coated or covered with a layer of electrolytic zinc, hot-dip zinc, or decorative chromium.